Monday, 6 April 2015

Pre-electrification Work at Walsall

As some of you will know the Chase Line that Runs from Walsall, through Ryecroft Junction, Bloxwich, Cannock, Hednesford to Rugeley TV is undergoing pre-electrification work. Some bridges have been rebuild and in places track is being lowered to enable the Overhead Wire structures to be put into place. All work is due to be completed by 2017.
The chase line was constructed and was part of the South Staffs rail line and although outside the general scope of the South Staff Rail website thought Id post some pictures of the work being undertaken this Easter. More can be found at my Flickr account by clicking here

The main work this Easter included lowering the track through platform one and Park Street Bridge Walsall and under bridges at Bloxwich rd, Forest Lane and the Viaduct across the canal to enable sufficient clearance for the wires.
© Dave Cresswell 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Apologies for Missing Graphics

I have discovered today that all the pictures from the blog entries have been replaced by a grey triangle.

On investigation It turns out when Picasa and Google accounts merged, the blog pictures were stored in one of the albums and this got deleted by accident by me.

Ive re-added some pictures to the recent blogs where Ive been able to quickly. As  my blogs go back some years would be too time consuming to do.

I realise that your reading of my past blogs will not be as informative without the visuals and can only apologise for my error in not fully understand the close tie-ins between Picasa and Google blogs.

Dave Cresswell March 2015